Time for tea and tea for time

Fragrant leaves covered with hot water, brewing gently. So simple and so satisfying.

My love of tea and tea parties was instilled by my aunties and great aunties when I was just a child. They’d always have tea brewing in a pot, served in beautiful cups. They’d sweeten mine with plenty of sugar – cubes if I was especially lucky – and I’d sit beside them, like an adult, with my own exquisite, delicate cup.

In recent years, a cup or pot of tea has become a calming and motivating ritual. Sometimes it’s a social, shared pot, other times an search for inspiration in a pot for one. I’ve become fond of pots of tea at my desk and tea with my husband after dinner. I’ve acquired a collection of tea pots and pretty cups which make a five-minute break away from work amazingly refreshing, or afternoon tea with friends or family a real occasion.

The type of tea has varied depending on mood and my cupboard is bursting at the seams with a range from green to white, Earl Grey to the smokey lapsang souchong. There’s even a mint slice tea in there. From a Chinese tea set and a pot of Jasmine Green Tea, to a silver teapot and a strong Earl Grey. No matter what time of day or what mood, there’s a solution in my tea caddy.

It’s a remarkable drink, served for both shock and in celebration. As Sir Arthur Pinero said, “While there’s tea, there’s hope”.

Tea in pretty cups feels like a special treat

Tea in pretty cups feels like a special treat (Photo courtesy of Billy Button photography)

And on that note, it’s time to refresh my pot.




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