Warm fuzzies

I’m among the first to admit my addiction to social media, particularly facebook. It’s a way for me to be instantly connected to my friends and family who are now scattered far and wide. However, I also recognise that it’s made me more self-obsessed. Think about it, every time you log in you’re asked “what’s on your mind”?

It encourages us to share our thoughts, our opinions and quite often our complaints. Sure, we also use the medium to give birthday greetings and share photos, but overall it’s about us.

It got me thinking about something I loved as a teenager. We called them “warm fuzzies”, other friends called them “affirmations”, but the premise was the same. You took little bits of paper, of any shape, colour or size, and wrote messages expressing what you loved about other people. For example, I might write “Jess, you’re an amazing person and I love the conversations we have together”, or “Sarah, I saw what you did for Matt today and it was lovely”. Not detailed or long winded, but they brought smiles to the faces of the people who received them.

Last year I got married and one of my incredibly thoughtful bridesmaids made me the box below. Then, the attendees at my hens parties wrote me notes of advice for my marriage and my life. Not quite warm fuzzies, but each message brought me joy. Reading through I was able to guess who wrote each, reflect on why they chose each message and now I have this fabulous box to open and read whenever I choose.

I think it’s time to bring back the warm fuzzies and affirmations. I’ll use letters for some, but maybe social media is a new tool. I think most people would happily receive a positive post or private message. Let’s face it, we all need more warm fuzzies.

Wedding advice

Messages of love and advice before my wedding. Photo courtesy of Billie Button Photography.


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