In gratitude and memory

This week we received the tragic news that one of our friends had died in an overseas accident.

Right now, across the country, a lot of people are hurting. Grief is strong among his friends and family, lamenting a young man who was much loved, gone to soon.

I have seen the heartbreak, but I’m also pleased that I have seen these people come together. I am pleased that they have found ways to honour Kurt and support each other.

I was fortunate enough to have known Kurt and been witness to his hard work, determination, enthusiasm and bubbliness. I didn’t know him as well as a lot of people, but I am so grateful that I did know him.

This awful week has also reminded me just how important it is to hold close the ones we love and tell them how much they mean to us. Amongst this sadness, I’ve been blessed to spend time with friends I see too infrequently and make contact with old friends.

As the week draws to a close, take a moment to call a friend, write them or drop by. Life’s short.

RIP Kurt. You are missed.


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