Every precious moment

When I made my last post, I’d hoped that it would be years before I again heard a friend had died.

Alas, on Monday night, my friend, Elizabeth, passed away after losing her long and hard-fought battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

While our friendship had changed a lot since we first met at high school and our catch ups were infrequent, she was often in my thoughts and we regularly exchanged emails.

Last Friday, I happened to be in my home town, our schedules worked and we caught up. The nature of her illness meant lunch and coffee were out, but we sat and chatted for a time that I will now cherish forever. She was the same bubbly, smiling girl I met in the school yard. Despite the rather awful year she’d had health-wise, she was happy, she was laughing and her spirit was strong.

We went our separate ways with promises of emails soon and catching up when I was next in town.

Sadly, I will head home next week to farewell this beautiful friend. A woman who had shown courage in the face of challenge, shared happiness and laughter always and who has taught me to appreciate how lucky I am.

Elizabeth, you will be missed, but not forgotten. x


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