Motivate yourself

It was a simple message I read in a tweet today “Motivate Yourself”.

I think it was from a fitness company but really that’s irrelevant: the message is important.

I often find myself seeking motivation from outside sources. Speakers at conferences, webinars, friends. They deliver, but there are also times when this mantra is more appropriate.

It’s easy to enjoy the fun, to be excited by the enthusiasm of others, but there will also be tasks and days where the motivation vacuum strikes.

Another fitness company liked “Just do it” and it’s a similar theme.

Inspiration and motivation come and go but we remain constant. We need to do support ourselves and push ourselves forward.

It’s time to stop waiting and start doing.


A little spring in my step

The arrival of blue skies, warm days and daylight savings appears to have delivered a little spring to my step.

The changing of the seasons always intrigues me, particularly now, living in a city that has a relatively stable climate.

The changes are less obvious than in the places I grew up. There, the leaves changed as if by calendar, the winter’s days came with a crash in temperature and spring and summer arrived with blast of strong sunshine.

While this winter was not especially wet or cold, there were events which made it feel like a bleak season. Now, the arrival of sunshine and warming days, the cloud is lifting and my mood is on the rise.

Cheers to Spring and the celebrations this season brings. It’s time to shrug off the winter jackets and step forward with enthusiasm and optimism.